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Everyone knows that if you have a problem, you ‘Go Ask Mum’. Now there is an entire hands-on community of mums ready to help.  The GAM community is for pregnant and early childhood mums with other mums ready to help with sharing opinions, asking questions, offering support, providing information – this is a close-knit community seeking advice, services and products that will make their lives with children easier.

For Brands and products targeting pregnant and new mums, this is a pure audience demographic with little or no ‘wastage’ on your marketing spend!

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Go Ask Mum is THE digital forum mag for today’s pregnant and early childhood mums. It recognises that the needs of pregnant women and mums with preschool kids are very different to the needs of mums with older kids. It’s a forum-style digital mag that’s very specific to pregnant and early-childhood mums (the primary decision maker in up to 80% of households and the key purchasers of baby and childcare related products). It’s monitored by other mums who can provide real-time assistance to regular and new vistors covering a huge diversity of relevant topics delivered through web, social media and email platforms. Whether it’s pregnancy, childbirth, babies, childcare or early childhood development …..Go Ask Mum has over 150 structured categories that support parents who have questions. Our audience loves Go Ask Mum. They are primarily pregnant mums and mums with kids aged 0-5 and highly engaged both on-site and via social media. They check-in regularly to ask and answer questions and they want to be informed on relevant products and services.
Audience Stats
Unique monthly audience
  • 125,000+ average unique web audience
  • 105,000+ average unique page views
  • 55,000+ social media followers
  • 40,000+ eNews subscribers (within combined Domestic Rockstar database)
Audience Demographics
  • 33% stay at home mums
  • 48% work full or part time
  • 78% are major household decision makers
  • 48% have a dog
  • 51% buy groceries several times a week
  • 73% purchase major household items based on brand research / peer advice
Advertising Packages
Editor Product Review
Advertorial product reviews

The women of Australia know when they’re being sold to – you’ve got to do more than just advertise!

Product reviews are the modern, more effective answer to word of mouth. When delivered by a credible source, like mmg, these reviews easily cut through your target market’s objections, instilling trust and encouraging purchases. Why? Because someone they trust likes it.

If your product is relevant to the mums of Australia, then there’s no question you’ll benefit from our editors saying, ”I’ve tried this and I know it works”.


  • Editor-written review with links and details of where to buy, call to action and links to your sites
  • Article is promoted in 2 eNews Hot Spots and 2 social media Shout Outs
  • A competition to drive further engagement can be included as an additional option
Group Product Review
Group product reviews

Strength in numbers – this is Word of Mouth advertising at its best!

The only thing better than one product review is ten or twenty! A selection of real women from our audience (that meet your target market profile) road-test your product and share their thoughts through answering questions from a tailored survey that we break out into key testamonial style responses. The full survey response is also supplied to you for your own valuable market Intel. We feature their real life ’case studies’ within an overarching Editorial. Women sharing product reviews with women gives a credibility to your product that’s powerful, authentic and believable.


  • Editor-written review with links and details of where to buy, call to action and links to your sites
  • Competition to win the product or associated prize
  • Promotion through:
    • 2 eNews Hot Spots
    • 8 social media Shout Outs
    • Leaderboard Banner in Go Ask Mum product review section
Blogger Product Reviews
Blogger Product Review
Looking for high reach and target market cut through? Expand your reach – tap into our networks!
We have relationships with a large number of external bloggers who also broadcast to women-mums.
This is the way to really boost the critical reach of your campaign and get your message to the masses.

  • Editorial articles on Go Ask Mum and 4 additional targeted websites
  • Competition to win your product or associated prize
  • Competition entry is a 10 question survey to gain market Intel
  • Promotion through
    • 1 Solus eDM to mmg total parenting database
    • 12 social media Shout Outs
    • 2 Leaderboard Banners in Go Ask Mum’s product review and competition sections
Vlog Product Reviews

If you could watch a video or read the same information on a website, wouldn’t you choose the video almost every time? Well you are not alone, your target market is doing this too – big time!Consumer video consumption is BIG now and rapidly GROWING – on-line video generates more engagement than any other form of media
especially on mobile. Vloggers are becoming THE influencial voice on-line and mmg has its own Vloggers who resonate with mmg audiences, present your product and deliver call to actions in a way that no other medium can!
Our key category Vlogger demonstrates your product, shares her views and key brand messages and tells people where to buy it. The type of Vlog and Vlogger selection is determined by the product and the campaign goals and can range from our Parenting Vlogger preparing a recipe using brand product, through to roadtesting new products or services! There really isn’t any limitation …..so long as its relevant to our audience!

  • Filming, production and publishing of 1 Vlog (60-90 secs) on Go Ask Mum, loaded to Mum Media Group TV YouTube channel and seeded through Go Ask Mum Facebook
  • Promotion in 2 eNews Hot Spots
  • 2 social media Shout Outs
  • Client can also link to the video to show on own channels.
Vlog Short Series

Perfect for launching new product ranges or showing how one product can be used multiple ways! This 5 series Vlog Package builds brand awareness and brand trust with a sequence of vlogs launched 1 per week, over a 5-6 week period. We know if viewers like what they see, they’ll buy it …..and talk about it on-line creating a massive brand engagement opportunity.
Our key category Vlogger demonstrates your product, shares her views plus delivers key brand messages and tells people where to buy it.

  • Filming, production and publishing of 5 Vlogs  (edited to 60-90 sec duration) on Go Ask Mum website, loaded to Mum Media Group TV YouTube channel and seeded through Go Ask Mum Facebook
  • Competition win your product or associated prize
  • promotion in 1 Solus eDM, 2 eNews Hot Spots and 12 social media Shout Outs
Vlog Group Product Review

We call out for a group of women, or a group of kids, or both to try your product. After a pre-detemined period of time, we gather them to talk about it on camera! A Mums Group or Kids Testers Group trialing the product and discussing how they liked it, or that it worked for them with each other is marketing GOLD!Our key category Vlogger will lead the group review Vlog following a strategic brief to ensure the Vlog delivers on the key communications – video footage with the right content, right imagery and right length is how our our audience want to learn about products and get ideas that are right for them, right now.

  • call out and directing target market group
  • Filming, production and publishing of 1 Vlog  (edited to 60-90 sec duration) on Go Ask Mum website, loaded to Mum Media Group TV YouTube channel and seeded through Go Ask Mum Facebook
  • Competition win your product or associated prize
  • Promotion in 2 eNews Hot Spots and 4 social media shout-outs
Vlog Series Partnership
mmg has a range of theme/interest based Vlog series partnership opportunities for brands that are looking for long term brand exposure and/or high cut though opportunities to their target market. This partnership presents the opportunity to develop a unique and strategic campaign that will have you top of mind with our audience over a 12 week period …and beyond!  There are so many creative ways we can deliver for a partner client and we are happy to share those ideas but we’d prefer to tailor something that fits perfectly with your objectives and goals. We just love getting briefed to deliver ideas on how to effectively talk to our audience and motivate them to product trial and over a 12 week period we know we can grow the brand trust cycle for your brand or product ….. meaning our audience and wider reach networks will remember you at the point of purchase long after your campaign. Contact us for further information.
Basic package includes:

  • Filming, production and publishing of 12 Vlogs  (edited to 60-90 sec duration) on Go Ask Mum website, loaded to Mum Media Group TV YouTube channel and seeded through Go Ask Mum Facebook (published 1 per week x 12 weeks)
  • category exclusivity for the series partnership period and within the vlog platform only
  • Promoted in 3 Solus eDM’s, up to 48 social media shout outs and 24-eNews Hot Spots across the relevant mmg brands
CompetitionsIf you want to send the masses to your product and really boost brand awareness – give one away! Our audience loves a competition and, if the prize is relevant, they’ll let their networks know by by sharing and sending it viral.

  • an advertorial with competition
  • Promoted in 2 eNews Hot Spots and 4 social media Shout Outs
Competition with Survey
Using a survey as the competition entry mechanic is a great way to find out market Intel about your target market. Many large organisations have been happily surprised at the uptake and information they’ve received from our Female audience and at a fraction of the cost of ‘usual’ market surveys.

  • competition and survey (up to 20 questions) and analytical survey report
  • promoted in 2 eNews Hot Spots and 8 social media Shout Outs
Casual eNews Spot
Casual eNews SpotGet in front of the women of Australia in our Domestic Rockstar eNews with +70,000 subscribers. Domestic Rockstar incorporates Go Ask Mum subscribers and our total parenting date base (excluding Mum’s Lounge) and is a highly-read e-newsletter that’s all about relevant trending articles and things mums want to read, with limited advertising.

  • 1 casual Hot Spot with an image, 50 word sell and link to your site
  • also promoted with one social media Shout Out
Solus eDM
Solus eDMOur monitoring shows that Solus eDM’s are by far the most widely- read of our electronic mails. They are also only about your brand and your brand message – there’s no competing ‘clutter’. With the right tone and a strong call to action, we’ll make sure your message is opened and read.

  • an image, up to 400 word copy and URL links to your promotion
  • coupon codes can be applied
  • sent to the Domestic Rockstar eDM database (+70,000 subscribers)
  • also promoted with 4 social media Shout Outs
Social Media packages
Social Media PackagesFacebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram deliver high-impact and immediate response with the opportunity to reach a massive audience AND get them to engage with your brand.
Social media is used in most of our packages but is also an effective medium in its own right to tell our audience about your special offer, or big news and drive them to your site.

  • 4 Shout Outs
  • an image, 50 word sell and links to your site
  • You supply the copy or we’ll write it to your brief
Geo-Targeting packages
Social Media
Geo-targeting Social Media
Want to focus on a specific geographic market with Facebook? We can geo-target your message to reach our audience and beyond in your designated single market. Get your message seen only where your target market lives.


  • 4 Facebook Shout Outs in 1 market (defined by state)
  • an image, 50 word sell and links to your site
  • You supply the copy or we’ll write it to your brief
Solus EDM
Geo-targeting Solus EDMPerfect for local business who want to reach and engage their sole state market via email. Also an ideal solution for national businesses wanting to boost awareness or grow sales in a specific key market!

  • 1 solus eDM in 1 market (defined by state)
  • Solus includes an image, up to 400 word copy and URL links to your promotion. Coupon codes can be applied.
  • sent to the Domestic Rockstar eDM database (defined by state)
  • Also promoted with 4 Facebook Shout Outs in same single market
DirectoryIf you want to be found when our audience is searching for a product or service, the Go Ask Mum directory of providers is for you. Our writers regularly include
hyperlink references to our Directory listings within editorial features too which is n enhanced benefit.

  • annual listing with a  500 word bio, 10 images and hyperlinks to ‘where to buy’
BannersBanners allow you to be seen in the Go Ask Mum sections where your target market is most active. Banners can be a singular form of advertising but we don’t recommend it – our audience is too savvy for that! They are most effective when integrated with other formats and you can select from a large top banner, or medium side banner, or really be seen with a Home Page Skin!

  • Contact us for advice on recommended placement, size and costs.

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